PHENIX is a fair launched community-driven token deployed
on the Binance chain. The purpose of PHENIX is to accelerate the
burn rate of SAFEMOON. PHENIX is deflationary and burns itself
with every transaction since it’s burn wallet is the largest token
holder. Not only does it burn itself, it also helps burn more SAFEMOON with every transaction.

The PHENIX team believes in Safemoon and knows how valuable it is to its community. Even just to transact Safemoon is hard to do when you know you are going to lose 10% each transaction. So we have created a remedy to this problem.

Simply buy/sell PHENIX and enjoy the ability to transact throughout the
same great community while continuing to burn more
Safemoon every transaction. All without sacrificing any of your
personally owned valuable Safemoon.

The automated liquidity pool acquisition is locked for 4 years on
DxLocker and also helps create a more stable price floor over time
as supply decreases. PHENIX is a win win for holders of PHENIX and SAFEMOON.


Every PHENIX transaction has the following functions:

5% automatic liquidity pool acquisition

3% reflection to holders

2% swapped into SAFEMOON and burned at the SAFEMOON burn
wallet address

The development team of PHENIX are avid crypto enthusiasts. We
understand the risks and have witnessed 1st hand many scams in
the crypto space. This is why we have committed to fair launching
through the most trusted 3rdparty DXSALE. The fair launch will
allow the community to participate in the presale. All BNB
raised will be sent to Pancake swap Liquidity Pool and locked for
4 years.

All network fees towards burning Safemoon will be transparent and
easily tracked from one specific posted wallet. The wallet will send
PHX to swap for Safemoon, from there it is then sent to the
Safemoon burn wallet.

No rug pulls here. Just a strong community with one collective goal.

Burn Baby Burn

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